My new single "When All The Stars Have Died" is out now!

Sometimes songs are written and sometimes they are received. This was one of those songs.

I was driving in my car in silence (without music blaring or podcast distracting my mind like I usually do). Sitting in a little bit of traffic, I began singing this chorus.

Word for word.

Melody was so clear to me.  

I made a voice memo and took it to Gabe Dixon the next day and we finished what has turned out to be maybe my favorite song I've been a part of.

You guys know me. I don't speak in hyperbole. 

Ever since then, I have been extremely excited to share this song with you.

It's a love song so I'd love for you to click the button below to enjoy it!

Stream it, save it, and share it. Can't wait to see you out on the road this summer!