Letting You In Tour: A Thank You From Kris

It feels like the Letting You In Tour  was a long time ago and maybe that's because A LOT has happened since then. But I wanted to say a couple of things about this tour and the past few months. 

People ask me all the time, "What's the best part of what you do?" I think that often it's a hard question to answer, especially because I get to do the thing that I've always wanted to do since I was a kid. But now there's an easy answer to that question for me: I love watching live crowds sing, dance, or just simply enjoy the music that I've created.

This is my validation. Seeing that physical response. A smile. Mouthing the lyrics. I hope you guys know that it makes me giddy and sometimes emotional when I see these things. I will forever play live shows because of this. 

The Letting You In Tour was the most successful and fun tour that I've ever done. Most nights we played for about 2 hours (or more), but it never felt like it. 

And, because I don't think tours ever get the proper thank you's, here's my "thank you" to everyone that was involved in some way for the Letting You In TourThanks to everyone that came to the shows. Whether it was your first or your 47th, it really means a lot to see your face out there. Because of you, I get to make memories that I'll never forget... even if those include Andrew getting hit by a car. (He might be a superhero. We don't really know.)

To Andrew, Cale, Torres, and Devon: thanks for helping me put on what I think has been the best show we've done so far. I always rely on you guys for your creativity and your musicality. I couldn't count how many times after a show that I've heard how good you guys are. And no one is saying that just to be nice, either. It's because you all are phenomenal. And I really couldn't be on the road with anyone else. You guys are family.

To Max: thanks for not only doing your job, but for waking up early with me to do radio and TV interviews. I know that it was your first time doing that kind of stuff, but you did a great job with it. And thanks for telling me the best story I've ever heard.

To the best group of openers ever (Sean McConnell, Luke Wade, and Marie Miller) y'all were so stellar. Of course the crowds loved y'all, but we also had an amazing time with you guys and girls as well. I want to wish you all continued success in your careers and wish you all the very best.

Man, there are still about a hundred other people that made this tour happen that I need to thank. It's not just the people that you see on the road with us that make it possible. There are so many that work really hard behind the scenes. Everyone at Good Time (Paul, Ben, Sam, Claire, Chris, and so many more) for just crushing it. The hardest thing to do sometimes is to make sure that people know you are in their city playing a show. To Jordan and Fleming Artists for helping put this together. You've been on my side and a fan since day one. To Michael Moses and everyone over at BWR: if the tour wasn't busy enough, you made it even busier... in the best way possible. Plus I got to hang out with Mark DeRosa!! Thanks man. And to the venues, staffs, street team, and everyone else involved, I sincerely thank you all for your time and talents. 

I'm not exactly sure when we will be out on the road again, but I promise that I can't wait. Until then, I'm going to take some time to enjoy life with my daughter Rosie and her awesome big bro Oliver while brushing up on my Disney princesses. Oh boy.

Thanks again, everyone!