Letting You In - Album Interviews and Reviews

Here's where we'll collect interviews and reviews related to Kris Allen's new album Letting You In. The articles containing the preview tracks each have their own post. Media items related to American Idol coming to an end can be found on a different blog post. Be sure to give the articles some hits and share your favorites on social media!

On release day, Kris hit #1 on the Alternative iTunes chart in the US and #1 overall in the Philippines!

Kris treated fans to his inaugural Periscope broadcast to celebrate the album release. Follow his channel to catch future broadcasts! The next day, he did a Facebook Mentions chat - videos can be seen here and here - be sure to subscribe there as well to receive notifications when he goes live!


  • Pop Culturalist - great in-depth interview, includes talk about writing the album and plans for tour
  • AOL Build - 30 min. video interview on release day, covered early career, Idol, accident, and recording the new album. Teaser video posted by Kris right before the interview. Press photos here and here. Video snippet of Kris signing their wall.
Photo by @AOLBUILD

Photo by @AOLBUILD

  • PeopleBabies interview - focused on family, also in the print edition of People.
  • Fuse - posted two videos, one of Kris talking Idol and the other talking about If We Keep Doing Nothing
  • ABC News Radio - thoughts on current Idol contestants, finale, and opening up on new album
  • Fox News - covers both new album, tour, and Idol finale, with performance snippets of Waves
  • Vallejo Times-Herald - great perspective on touring and Idol, ahead of Yountville Live appearance
  • Fuse - posted another video, this one with Kris talking about letting yourself lean on others during hard times
  • Popdust - in-depth - on maturing, opening up, and fatherhood in relation to the album, and other new songs
  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution - covers album, tour, and Idol
  • Fuse - fourth video, covering the effects of the accident, writing Waves, and writing for the album in general
  • Arkansas Democrat Gazette - good interview, Idol whirlwind, touring, new album
  • Poughkeepsie Journal - nice focus on music influences and experiences
  • What's in Store Music - album, writing, Idol
  • Union Leader - nice focus on the album
  • Fuse - fifth video, on his nintendo obsession
  • Timesonline.com - great interview, new album, not fitting into genres, touring, Idol
  • Radio 95.1 Rochester - on air radio interview, videos posted on Facebook, 3 live songs incl. Take It Easy
  • Wesley Ryan - podcast, interview with Kris about his music inspirations, and Kris music that inspires Wesley
  • MLB.com - video of Kris reminiscing about growing up with baseball and stadiums he's played
  • Paste Magazine - three gorgeous acoustic performances
  • Teaser video - videographer Lindley Atkinson posted a teaser clip from her shoot with Kris

    Poparazzi - finds the perfect mix of pop lovestruck songs that made you love him in the first place and blends it with the indie edge where he sounds his most authentic
    Popdust - I Remember You is Allen's shining moment on the record (maybe of his entire career); it is a vivid, spellbinding bookend to this chapter of his story.
    Pop Culturalist - the raw and emotive songwriting that the music industry is yearning for.
    Milwaukee Journal Sentinal - deserving to be part of the larger pop landscape.
    Philippine Daily Inquirer - you can also shimmy to the sensational singles, "Feeling This Way" and "Move," as Kris shakes his derriere to their invigorating grooves.
    Star2.com - like personal musings on life, sounding like they were taken from the pages of his diary.

    Kris had a full itinerary on a press trip to New York City for release day. Interviews/videos to come! 
ABC News Radio with Andrea Dresdale

ABC News Radio with Andrea Dresdale

Paste Magazine

Paste Magazine